Endoscopy Procedures & Pricing Chandler

Upper GI Endoscopy Estimated Cost: $1800-$2300

Endoscopy Procedures Chandler

Indicated in cases of chronic vomiting, regurgitation, gastric ulcers, stomach biopsies, esophageal tumors and foreign body removal. Includes anesthesia, IV catheter, IV fluids, intra-operative medications and procedure. Histopath additional $280.22- $383.42.

Lower GI Endoscopy Estimated Cost: $1600

Indicated in cases of chronic diarrhea, constipation, progressive weight loss and suspected IBD or suspected lymphoma. Can also be used to remove objects from the lower digestive tract. Not available for objects in the stomach or Upper GI Tract. Patients may need to be admitted for treatments (laxatives, enemas) prior to procedure. Includes anesthesia, IV catheter, IV fluids, intra operative medications and procedure.

Rhinoscopy Estimated Cost: $1300- $1600

Indicated in cases of suspected or known nasal tumors or nasal foreign body, persistent nasal discharge, or chronic and acute epistaxis (nose bleed). During this procedure we can visualize the nasal passage to check for abnormalities, perform tumor biopsy or foreign object removal. Includes IV catheter, IV fluids, anesthesia, intra operative medications, and procedure. Histopath additional $280.22 - $383.42.

Cystoscopy Estimated Cost: $1300-$1600

Indicated for use in cases of recurrent UTI’s, urinary incontinence, and to perform bladder biopsy or to remove bladder stones. Not currently available in male dogs. Stone analysis is an additional $301.82. Histopath additional $280.22 - $383.42.

Laparoscopic Assisted Cystotomy Estimated Cost: $2300

Used in place of traditional abdominal approach to cystotomy. This procedure is less invasive and we are able to visualize any changes or defects to the bladder lumen, trigone and urethra. Stones are visualized and removed without a large incision. Stone analysis is an additional $301.81

Convert to Surgery Estimated Cost $1224.84

If we are unable to complete the procedure via endoscopy we will need to finish via traditional surgical route. This will incur additional charges for added anesthesia, surgical packs, surgical nurse, surgical technique and suture.

When performing any of the endoscopy procedures listed above your pet will be placed under general anesthesia and monitored throughout the procedure. Prices listed may not include additional diagnostics (x-rays, bloodwork, ultrasound) or hospitalization if required. Biopsies, histopaths or stone analysis sent to an outside lab for processing will also incur an additional charge as listed above.

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